Using the HTML wysiwyg editor

You can use the HTML wysiwyg editor to customize the text in your project pages.

HTML wysiwyg editor


Accenting text You can accent your text in many ways. Use these buttons to make characters bold, italic or underlined.
Align text Use these buttons to align the selected text to the left margin, right margin, center of the page or justify your text within the page.
Uploadimage Use this button to upload an image.
Number and Bullet Use these buttons to number or bullet your lists or steps.
Indent and Outdent Use these buttons to indent or outdent your text.
Undo and Redo Use these buttons to Undo or Redo the changes or editing operations you made to the page.
Hyperlinks Use these buttons to insert hyperlinks or edit them in the page. Creates a clickable hyperlink to a URL on the selected text.
Bookmark Place the cursor at the location on the page that you want to bookmark and use this button to bookmark that place in your page. You can then make this bookmark the target of a hyperlink
html Use this button to view and make changes in the HTML code
fonts and colors Use these buttons to change the color of the fonts or the color of the page background.
Content Editor homepage Use these buttons to insert a table and edit its properties.