Adding components to the contents of a page, subpage or a freeform page

You can add components to the contents of a page, subpage or a freeform page. The components available for use are: Activity Table, Metrics Report, HTML, Documents and Milestones Table, Project Overview and Subproject components. The three components that are added to any project by default at the time of project creation are HTML, Project Overview and Subproject components

To create components under a page, subpage or freeform page:

  1. Navigate to the project’s home page.
  2. Navigate to the contents of a page or subpage you wish to add components to.
  3. Click the link Edit this page or Edit This subpage. The editor for that page opens.
  4. Click Add Component to add any of the 8 components that you can select from the drop down list. Activity table, Metrics report-single or Metrics report-double, HTML, Documents, Milestones table, Project overview, Project tracker query.

Adding folders to pages and subpages through the Subversion repository

You can add a folder directly to the Subversion repository under a page or subpage. This will be reflected automatically in your project page and create a Process Documents section on that page with the "Upload Document" link. But when you add a folder using the Subversion client, you may have to edit the page.xml to include this document folder so that the project home page alteration happens correctly.

Note: When you save an HTML file from the project page, the saved content will include all of the project page content, for example, the navigation links. If you want to save only the HTML file content then you can access the file content in the Version Control directory by accessing the HTML file directly.

Note: When you change the title for a default Documents component through Subversion the changes are not reflected in the screen. For example, take the following steps:

  1. Log in as a Domain Administrator.
  2. Create an ALM project and navigate to the project home page.
  3. Click the subtab Definition.
  4. Check out the Subversion repository contents of the ALM project.
  5. In the working copy on your system navigate to '\cn-project-pages\Stages\Definition\snippets\
  6. Open the page.xml file.
  7. Change the title for the documents component from "Process documents" to "New docs."
  8. Commit the name change.
  9. Check the change of title for the documents component in the user interface screen by refreshing the page.

The title for the documents component is garbled and the changes are not reflected in the screen.

Workaround: When you add a new html snippet file to the snippets directory, or if you change the name of a default document component, you will have to modify the page.xml file as well to make sure the new snippet gets displayed when the page is rendered.

Open the page.xml file with a text editor and add this element into the component list: <component_list> <component visibility="1" type="Html" order="A_NUMBER"> <title localize="false">A_TITLE</title> <filename>A_FILENAME</filename> </component>

Note: The title change of the document component is displayed properly in the process page when title localize is set to "false"

A_NUMBER = the position where you want the component to be displayed on a page. A_TITLE = the title of the component. This field is optional. A_FILENAME = the name of the snippet file.

Component visibility happens when: Set to 1 =Visible to "All users " Set to 2 =Visible to "Users with Project-Edit" Set to 3 =Visible to "None"