Configuring the query results display

You can configure the columns that are displayed on the results page of an ad-hoc query. These settings are retained for the rest of your work session.

It is recommended that you configure the columns before you run a query. You can also use this procedure to re-define the configuration after running the query or when you run a query which cannot otherwise be edited.

To configure the query results page:

  1. Click Project Tracker > Query artifacts in the left navigation pane.
  2. Click Create new.
  3. Click the Advanced query sub-tab.
  4. Enter criteria for your query and click Submit.
  5. On the query results page, click the Add/Remove columns link. All the attributes displayed in the Selected Attributes section will form columns in the query.
  6. Select attributes from the Available Atrributes section to add them as columns.
  7. Change the configuration of columns that are displayed in the Selected Attributes section by using the icons listed against each of them and click Done.

Note: We recommend that you ensure that the Javascript is enabled in your browser to see the icons. If Javascript has been disabled, then you will see checkboxes in the place of the icons and text boxes to configure the position and order of the attribute columns.

Search results view preferences

By default, the search results view mirrors the order for the attribute which is determined by an administrator. You can alter the search order and the number of artifacts that appear per page.

  1. Click the button Edit Columns in the query definition page.
  2. In the page that opens, you can use the following icons against each attribute to customize the display of the columns in your query.
Up Arrow up arrow
Down Arrow down arrow
Add add
Delete delete

If an icon is greyed out, then that indicates that the option is not available.

Note: The Artifact ID column will, by default, remain the first column. You cannot move it to any other position in the query. This attribute is also mandatory in any query and cannot be removed.

Default layouts for search results

The Administrator or Project Owner can define query result layouts for saved queries to make them default layouts available for all members.

The Add/remove attributes from view link help you determine what attributes are to be seen in the query result, and you can now save a full definition of a query which includes:

You can set the columns for personal and project queries when creating or editing the query. These will serve as default settings for any user who runs a project query subsequently. You can still select your own columns for a project query after executing it and if you do so, you can use a button to allow reverting your selection back to the default. When a global query is copied to a project the default columns from the global query become the default columns for the project query.

Note: The Add/remove attributes columns screen can also be configured to make related artifacts available in the query results. The related artifacts that are available for display in the query results are:

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