Searching by a change of an attribute's value

This field allows you to search for artifacts with attributes that have changed from one value to another value.

For example, you can search for defects with Status attributes that have changed from New to Open. You can specify a date range for the change. For example, you can find artifacts that have changed from a low severity to a high severity within the last week. By default, the attribute and values fields are empty. To create an attribute change query, select an attribute name and click the Update button. The valid values for the attribute become available for selection in the From Value and To Value fields.

Searching by including or excluding attributes to or from a query

When you perform a query, you can select the attributes you would like included in the query based on their values. You can also state what attributes you would like explicitly excluded from the query based on values they may or may not hold. It would be incumbent on the query to return results which is a combination of two or more of these criteria.

For example, to query for artifacts where a value has not been selected for an attribute, you can create a query to find all of the defect artifacts where "Operating System" has not been selected. In the same query, you can stipulate that all artifacts that have their short text fields not filled in should be displayed. To combine these two query criteria, the results will contain all artifacts which do not have the Operating System specified and the short text field not filled in.

To specify the query criteria:

  1. Click the link Add this attribute to query in the Advanced Query page against the attribute you want to include in the query. The section opens with 3 options:
    • Specific value(s)
    • Any value
    • No value
  2. Select any one of the values under Specific Value to look for artifacts that hold/do not hold that specific attribute value. You can search for attributes that do not match a specific value.
  3. Select the radio button Any value to include all artifacts that have attributes that hold any indiscriminate value.
  4. Select the radio button No value to disregard all artifacts that have attributes with any value assigned to them.
  5. You can click the link Remove this attribute from query to collapse the attribute section and to exclude the attribute from the query.