Running an advanced query using "users" as the search criterion

You can run an advanced query to search for Project Tracker artifacts by defining a user as the search criterion.

The Personnel association search section allows you to search for artifacts based on users associated or for those with no user associations. Depending on what user attributes have been defined, you can search by the committer and/or the assignee.

You can save the specified criteria by clicking Save at anytime.

Once you have selected all the personnel you require, click the Add Assignee and click the Done button.

Using the Search for artifacts with no associations section you can define a search for artifacts for which no assignees with a particular user attribute have been associated. For instance, if you have a "QA Lead" user attribute defined for your project and want to know which issues have not been assigned a QA Lead, you can elect to search for all artifacts with no association of type "QA Lead". You can choose as many user attributes as you need for your query.

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