Tigris.org Feedback


Feedback on projects
To give feedback to a specific project, please use the mailing lists in that project. For example, if you have a question about using ArgoUML, send it to users@argouml.tigris.org. In general, user questions should be sent to users@PROJECTNAME.tigris.org, and development questions should be sent to dev@PROJECTNAME.tigris.org.
Feedback on website
If you find a problem with the server-side logic that runs the site, or with the site-wide community web content, or if you have a suggestion for improving the overall tigris.org site, please register then log in and review existing issue reports before entering a new issue report.
If you have difficulty with the issue tracker, you may send general questions and comments on the Tigris.org website to feedback@tigris.org.

Technical support

Online CollabNet platform site support

For information regarding the resources, processes and procedures of CollabNet platform, please refer to the Site FAQ.

Online CollabNet platform tool support

For information regarding the collaborative software development tools integrated into CollabNet platform, please refer to the Tool Docs.

Developer support

Mailing lists are available for developers to discuss various aspects of projects. Regularly reading applicable mailing lists and sending thoughts, ideas, and questions is a great way to take part in the CollabNet platform community.